Our Dedicated Staff

Katie Parker
Executive Director

(206) 722-0317, ext. 100
About Katie

Katie, our newest team member in 2024, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our dynamic group. With 22+ years in affordable housing and resident service programs, she’s a seasoned pro. Now, as the Executive Director, Katie is thrilled to oversee the daily operations of SESSC and connect with the seniors who frequent the space. Beyond work, she’s a cat lover with a furry friend, Kukui. Chat with Katie to uncover her love for movies and travel – she’s a passionate explorer of both worlds!

Alex Arceo, Senior Programming & Logistics Coordinator at the SouthEast Seattle Senior Center

Alex Arceo
Senior Programming & Logistics Coordinator

(206) 722-0317, ext. 101
About Alex

Since 2007, Alex has filled various positions at the SESSC, including Administrative Assistant and Program Coordinator. Currently, as Senior Programming and Logistics Coordinator, he is responsible for coordinating and supporting the Center’s robust activities and special events calendar. An avid cycler and snowboarder, Alex also composes prose and music, even without formal training.

Corday Hatfield, Site Coordinator and Chef at the SouthEast Seattle Senior Center

Corday Hatfield
Site Coordinator/Chef

(206) 722-0317,  ext. 106
About Corday

A top-notch professional with expertise in menu development, kitchen management, and staff training, Corday creates unique and delicious dishes while controlling food and labor costs. She is collaborative and committed to seeking feedback from customers and staff to improve kitchen workflows. Corday is a caring mother of four who enjoys music and loves sunshine – she doesn’t like cold/ rainy days.

Jaime Clark, Social Worker at the SouthEast Seattle Senior Center

Jaime Clark, MSW
Social Worker

(206) 722-0317, ext. 105
About Jaime

Jaime has provided health and wellness support to seniors at the SESSC since February 2013, when she started as a Social Worker. She helps seniors with home care options, leads a weekly memory loss activity program, hosts informative presentations, and has access to a library of resources for caregivers. As a passionate foodie originally from St. Louis, Missouri, you don’t want to debate good BBQ and ice cream with Jaime!

Linda Lewis, Front Office Coordinator at the SouthEast Seattle Senior Center

Linda Lewis
Front Office Coordinator

About Linda

Linda has been in various roles since 2002, when she started managing the Cheap Chickadee Thrift Store until its closure during COVID-19. She then helped launch the Lunch Delivery Program before becoming the Front Desk Coordinator, where her well-organized manner keeps the lobby operating efficiently. Gardening, reading, and traveling are her special interests after work. Until a few years ago, Linda had a motorcycle endorsement!

Marjie Croston at the SouthEast Seattle Senior Center

Marjie Croston
Lunch Delivery Lead

About Marjie

Before becoming our Lunch Delivery Lead in 2022, Marjie was an active volunteer at our Center. Her busy role — coordinating more than 100 daily meals for seniors at home — involves assisting with meal preparation and packaging. Outside the kitchen, Marjie teaches Tai Chi and fitness to our members. Previously, Marjie worked in the medical field most of her life and as an EMT, Marjie climbed suspension ropes and aided in Search & Rescue missions.

Mark Bryant
Exercise Therapy Specialist

About Mark

Mark is our Exercise Therapist, and he is certified through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). He’s also a board-certified Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Mark studied biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology for more than a decade, has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 25 years, and has been a Certified Senior Fitness Specialist for 15 years. His commitment to fitness through continuing education and coursework, seminars, and practical application helps Mark generate consistent results with clients.

Mary Downs Finance and HR Coordinator at the SouthEast Seattle Senior Center

Mary Downs
Finance & HR Coordinator

(206) 722-0317, ext. 102
About Mary

Mary started at the SESSC in 2010 as a volunteer and front desk receptionist. One year later, she started her current role, where she completes bookkeeping, payroll, and employee onboarding duties. The ninth oldest child of 16, Mary grew up in Marshall, Texas, and has also lived in San Francisco. She loves spending time with her grandchildren, walking, and reading.

Tais Assem
Volunteer Coordinator

(206) 722-0317, ext. 103
About Tais

Hailing from Brazil, and fluent in Portuguese Tais became our Volunteer Coordinator in May 2022 after two years of volunteering at the SESSC. Tais understands how important volunteers are to the work we do. Her active role entails organizing events, managing social media, and recruiting volunteers. Her life outside of our Center includes swimming, hiking, and family activities. She also loves animals — those close to Tais call her the “Cat Whisperer”!

The SESSC Board of Directors

We’re pleased to introduce our current Board of Directors!

Join the Board! Contribute your energy and expertise to our dynamic volunteer leadership team. We are particularly looking for new Board members with experience or enthusiasm for fundraising, marketing, legal expertise, and finance. Our Board convenes monthly at the Center.

If you would like to serve your community by joining our Board of Directors, please contact the front desk at (206) 722-0317.