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June 10, 2019

Category: General10:00 am: Conversation Cafe

10:00 am: Conversation Cafe

Category: General1:00 pm: Hands-N-Feet

1:00 pm: Hands-N-Feet

Category: General1:00 pm: Reclaim Your Space

1:00 pm: Reclaim Your Space
June 11, 2019

Category: General10:00 am: Chess Club - Tuesdays

10:00 am: Chess Club - Tuesdays

Category: General1:00 pm: Caregiver Group

1:00 pm: Caregiver Group

Category: General6:30 pm: ALISS Evening Gatherings - 2nd Tuesday

6:30 pm: ALISS Evening Gatherings - 2nd Tuesday
June 12, 2019

Category: General9:30 am: Dominoes

9:30 am: Dominoes

Category: General12:00 pm: Bingo

12:00 pm: Bingo
June 13, 2019

Category: General10:00 am: We're Coloring Anyway!

10:00 am: We're Coloring Anyway!

Category: General10:30 am: Non-Denominational Bible Study

10:30 am: Non-Denominational Bible Study
June 14, 2019

Category: General11:30 am: Chess Club - Fridays

11:30 am: Chess Club - Fridays

Category: General12:30 pm: Classic Friday Movies with Scarecrow Video - 2nd Fridays

12:30 pm: Classic Friday Movies with Scarecrow Video - 2nd Fridays

Category: General12:30 pm: Friday Movies

12:30 pm: Friday Movies
June 15, 2019 June 16, 2019

SESSC 13th Annual Dinner and Auction

Saturday, February 8, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Social Hall
Ticket Price: $85.00 per person  starting 11/05/19   $100.00 per person starting 01/25/20
You are invited to join us for an evening of fun! The SESSC’s 13th Annual Dinner and Auction is one of the Southeast Seattle Senior Center’s major fundraising events.  The money raised from this event will go toward supporting the activities and programming that seniors living in the Rainier Valley and surrounding neighborhood need and use to help us help them to enhance their emotional, social and physical well-being.

Purchase your tickets here.


Rainbow Bingo – Mistletoe Madness

IMPORTANT: Click on the link below to find out how to register for our Rainbow Bingo Events
Friday, December 13, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, SESSC Social Hall
Cost: Registration Fee $20.00  Game Sheet Cost: $5.00  Both must be purchased on the day of the event before it starts. Online purchases no longer permitted.  However, you may register you and your party by sending an email to  Please provide your name, the names of those in your party and your contact information. Come join the fun and help support the Center!
Click on this link for more information about the recent changes: Bingo Changes from WA State Gambling Commission
Download flyer here: RB Mistletoe Madness








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Global Compassion Clinic Flyer