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In the News

Extra! Extra! When the SESSC is featured in local news, we want to shout it from the rooftops! Check out some of our news clips below.

KUOW • May 11, 2022

Ellis O’Neill’s story, “The pandemic made these seniors rethink ‘the years they have left’,” features a handful of seniors in the area who were all facing the same loneliness and isolation during the lockdown of the pandemic. Read more.

SESSC featured on KUOW • May 11, 2022

South Seattle Emerald • March 30, 2022

Amanda Ong, report for South Seattle Emerald, provides a wonderful profile on nearly retired Lynda Greene, who was the SESSC’s Executive Director for 13 years. In  “Departing Executive Director Reflects on Her Time at SouthEast Seattle Senior Center,” Lynda boasts about our senior center and all that it offers for aging adults in the area. Read more.

SESSC featured in the South Seattle Emerald • March 30, 2022

Seattle Times • March 6, 2020

Seattle Times Staff Reporter Michelle Baruchman covers the early, early days of the pandemic and how it affected the aging community. In  “How Seattle area senior centers are coping with the novel coronavirus outbreak,” then Executive Director Lynda Greene explains how staff members took extra precautions to keep members safe. Read more.

SESSC featured in the Seattle Times • March 6, 2020